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Tuesday25 July 2017

Adjusting your magazines

Adjusting your magazines

· Never underestimate the importance of the magazines in the function of your firearm! Magazine malfunction is responsible for MOST jams in a semi-auto pistol. Especially when your gun was working great – and suddenly does not…

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· Make sure your springs are not worn. They should apply firm pressure even on the first round in the magazine. Test them by manually stripping out the rounds, and look to see how they feed out.

· Slightly bend the top coils of the spring to allow more pressure on the front end of the follower can often help avoid nose-diving.

· Polish the lips of the magazine, so that it does not scrape the bullet case as it feeds out, and scratch your thumb as you load you ammo.

· Make sure your magazine followers do not have sharp corners or plastic burns.

·  Adding skateboard tape or similar on the base pads of the magazines will assist in ensuring a slip-free grip while reloading.

· Number your magazines so you will know if there is one causing problems, and to know which one to clean after dropping it. You need to be able to recognize you individual mags.

· Keep you magazines clean!

· If the rounds are not feeding up as well as you would like, consider using a Silicon or similar spray in your mag tubes,

· Check to see if you can use a “prone mag”. Test to see if it will work. Keep in mind that you will be applying pressure on the base of the mag if you lean it on the floor, and case sometimes cause function problems.