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Tuesday25 July 2017

Shooting on the Move

Shooting on the Move

This is an advanced skill, but one that can save you time on a stage, and offer you solutions the others may not have. Usually you can save time by shooting while moving in the direction the stage requires.

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  • Do not shoot on the move if you cannot reach the required accuracy! There is little point in moving to save a little time, if this will cost you points. You have to be able to shoot A’s on the available targets while moving – or you should not attempt to shoot on the move. Points always come first!
  • The key to shooting well on the move is learning to keep the gun’s sights stable on the targets as you advance. This can be improved by:

·  Bending your knees. Keep your center of gravity low. Do not lean forward at your waist, but at the knees.

·  Taking small “rolling” steps. Heel to toe, heel to toe as you move. Keep your feet pointing straight forward, not out to the sides.

·  Bringing the gun much closer to your eyes than you usually would. This will greatly improve its stability.

  • PRACTICE! Dry fire; move in all directions while watching your sight on a target. Using a laser pointer connected to your gun can teach you a lot.
  • On tough shots while moving, try to break the shot just before your foot comes down for a step. That will be the most stable time.
  • Be aware of the ground surface. On rough ground shooting on the move becomes harder, and must sometimes be avoided.
  • Fast shooting while moving is not possible. You have to accept slower splits, to give you time to watch the sight longer as it moves over the target.
  • Don’t insist on shooting while moving just because you can. Analyze the stage wisely, and decide whether to shoot on the move or not. You always pay in speed and accuracy when shooting on the move – and this should be done only if you are well practiced, and can gain by moving in a particular direction as you shoot