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Tuesday25 July 2017

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Important Notice on SAPSA/KZNPSA -  Dedicated Status, for the FCA

Firearms Control Act and Dedicated Sportsperson status

The four-year relicensing cycle in terms of the Firearms Control Act is drawing to a close and
statistically 75% of all firearm owners should have completed this process with the
remaining 25% scheduled for completion by March 2009. To this end, SAPSA has been
issuing ‘dedicated sportsperson’ affidavits in terms of Clause 16 of the Firearms Control Act
in line with SAPSA’s conditions of accreditation with the Central Firearms Registry.

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However it would appear that numerous members do not actually understand the
implications of ‘dedicated sportsperson status’ and seem to think this is a once-off
achievement. Although the member is issued with a license valid for 10 years, which states
that the member is a dedicated sportsperson, this status is only valid subject to the person
continuing to attain the requirements for dedicated status, as laid down by SAPSA in terms
of its accreditation with the CFR, as SAPSA is bound by law to annually supply a list of those
members who have met the requirements for that year.

If any SAPSA member (current and new) thinks that once dedicated status is achieved, that
is the end of the need to actively participate in SAPSA-sanctioned events – think again; you
are not only wasting your time getting dedicated status from the CFR but are also expecting
SAPSA to be in breach of the law. Let’s all be very clear on this – SAPSA WLL NOT
jeopardize its accreditation with the CFR in terms of dedicated status so it is up to each and
every member (current and new) to continue to participate in SAPSA sanctioned events and
achieve the annual points required for continued dedicated sportsperson status.